Dydar God of Love and Fertility


Dydar is androgynous in appearance and have the sexual organs of a female human and a male human. But chooses to hide their parts making their nether regions look genderless.

Dydar wears light flowy fabrics in white and accommodates these attires with gold jewelry. Dydars head is clean shaven exposing a well formed skull under their fair porcelain skin, two expressive eyebrows rests perfectly in the middle of their forehead.

Plump lips which almost always rests in a playful manner prides the lower half of their face. Dydar is no stranger to grand orgies or intimate one on one sessions.

Dydar often travels down to earth to participate in a drunken night in the whorehouse disguised as a normal human.

Dydar is currently missing when she got caught while in the Fey dimension together with her daughter and Baldr son of Tyr.


Dydar God of Love and Fertility

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