Ugdarr God of Flame and War


Stout in appearance. Almost like an oversized dwarf, wears only gauntlets of gold and the Tail of Gandr around his neck, which he won after a duel with Gandr god of Animals.

His hair is bright red as is his beard and have a thick layer of body hair growing uncontrollably in every nook and cranny. People often joke that even his muscles have muscles. Ugdarr is often pictured with a proud erection.

He favours fighting with his fists rather than weapons but when he needs it, he wields a great hammer coloured red as fresh blood with intricate runes in gold scribed into it. Ugdarr’s flesh is stronger than the thoughest metal so he cares not for armour.

During his duel with Gandr, the animal god tried to rip his penis off but found himself breaking his jaw on Ugdarr’s shaft.


Ugdarr God of Flame and War

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