Gods Gone Missing

Session 2

The player characters follow their druid travel companions down to the secret druid tribe located in a natural cauldron high in the mountains west of Darfur.

more to come

Session 1
The Adventure Starts

Our Player Characters find themselves in Darfur. An old city built alongside and inside a mountain. They are here for the same reason many other hopeful adventurers are here, to go on a quest for the king of Darfur and receive 10 thousand gold coins.

After receiving the blessing from the Kings pet snail Alfonso the player characters desperately tries to find and join the strongest looking party but ends up with each other instead.

Arathar and Heccarion instantly hit it off and is bumping rocks in a corner, Cirrelion saves Vertia from long years in the prisons after she got caught stealing and Magdalena cheerfully rejoices that she is "to go on this quest for the Kings honor".

The group decides to stop in the Village of Dar to brief on what to do next, while there they are surprised by a drunken brawl. The brawl ends without the player characters getting involved in a fight.

Inside the tavern they are approached by a hairy gnome and a large bear-like man who says they need help from the player characters. The group hesitatingly agree to join the duo which turns out are two druids that have been sent by their tribe to collect magical mushrooms and "more people" as stated by the gnome. 

On the way to the druid tribe the group are routed by a flock of hungry and mating ready harpies. The song charms the group into submission and the harpies transports them to their lair. The groups men are raped while the females are stowed away after the mating is complete for consumption.

The harpies while in their crazy mating euphoria does not notice that the females they tied up have escaped and several of their mating partners are being killed continue their ritual by scratching deep cuts and smearing feces on each other and lies scattered and bloody around their den. The group manages to kill the harpies and continue towards the druid tribe.

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