Sea Witches

Sea witches are acolytes and followers of the Southern God Irokos, Goddess of the Sea. It is speculated that the first sea witch begged Irokos for power so that they could protect their village from Sea Raiders (later known more commonly as pirates). Following the first sea witch more people flocked to receive magical abilities from the sea, in return they would bring the word of Irokos to the people on the main land and godly offerings.

It is also speculated that the sea witches were the ones to start the Pirate Alliance. They became the thing that the first of their kind despised and so the sea witches split into multiple groups and continued praising Irokos at their own fashion, conjuring different spells and rituals varying from group to group.

Groups of Sea Witches

Coastal Sea Witches
Dark Sea Witches
River Sea Witches
Pirate Sea Witches



Sea Witches

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